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45cm Monster Crackling Sparklers - Card sleeve

  • 45cm Monster Crackling Sparklers - Card sleeve

5 x Monster Crackling Sparklers - Card sleeve


RRP £2.20

Units Per Carton 144

Great new product for 2022, these sparklers crackle as they burn - everyone needs a bit of snap crackle and pop in their lives!

This pack comes in a thick cardboard sleeve which protects the sparklers much more than foil packed versions. We have colour coded sparkler packs in this range from 25cm to 70cm. Our customers tell us that the more sizes they stock the more they sell. Sparklers are very much the in thing at present.

Trafalgar are arguably the market leader of sparklers now in the UK due to stand out packaging and quality of the sparkler

Barcode 5060194092767
Size mm L x H x W 50x490x3
Units per Carton 144
Cat F1
Haz 1.4S

Trafalgar Group are specialists in low hazard pyrotechnics and associated items for all celebrations. We are experts in our field and only offer for sale quality goods with no dross or fallout.

In the unlikely event you find similar items cheaper, please consider the quality of the goods you are receiving. Take a humble sparkler for example, there are so many bulking agents that are often added to sparklers, cheap metal filings are just one , when you compare two sparklers you will notice how clean they burn and how much smoke, and you may notice that one has left a nasty residue or ash after being burned , this is almost always a bulking agent. There are similar issues with indoor fountains, inferior fountains will be rather smoky and have a fallout of dross. Expensive chemical components can be altered to make them go further, powdered glass , chalk and paper pulp are regularly used to bulk out compositions .

All of our goods are of the highest quality and have gone through additional testing enabling them to be sold as hazard 1.4S (UN0337) rather than the higher hazard 1.4G (UN0336). We are not general wholesaler; we are pyrotechnicians and we are also here to answer any questions that you may have.

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